Learning Arduino

Arduino is a popular platform for creating electronic projects and learning about micro-controllers. Arduino boards are easy to use and program, and can interact with various sensors, actuators, and modules. To get started with Arduino, you will need an Arduino board, a USB cable and a computer with the Arduino IDE software installed.

You can download the Arduino IDE from the official website. The Arduino IDE allows you to write code, upload it to your board, and monitor the serial output. You can also use the built-in examples and libraries to learn how to use different components and features of Arduino.

Some of the basic Arduino programming concepts you can learn

L earn with me as I learn Physical Computing, Arduino, Electronics and 3D Printing. New Arduino projects for beginners are added regularly.



A s I learn I will share tutorials covering what I learned. This is like when you were in school and went to a tutoring session and the one doing the tutoring was a classmate. That classmate was learning the same material as you and shared it with you in a way that helped you understand better. Sometimes you shared something with your classmate that he or she didn't know and you ended up teaching each other.

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