Arduino Boards

Arduino Boards contain micro controllers. These micro controllers are programmable and this is how we can control components, modules, sensors and displays. There are many brands of boards based on the same open source Arduino design.


Sensors, leds, lcds, buzzers, buttons, relays, potentiometers, switches, joysticks and motors are just some of the many things that an Arduino board can control.


Special software is used to program Arduino boards. These are called IDEs (Integrated Development Environment.) There are many IDEs but we will be using the Arduino IDE and Visuino. Visuino is a visual/graphic programming IDE or GDE.


Shields look like boards and usually have similar form factors or footprints. They are "upgrades", extra hardware that you add to an Arduino board to give your project more connections and more possibilities. Some examples are motor shields and sensor shields.

Arduino and SBCs

Micro Controllers and Single Board Computers

These are just some of the boards that you can use in physical computing

Both are suitable for physical computing. However, single board computers tend to be slightly more expensive. Creating something like a simple weather station is usually better suited to Arduino. Creating a retro full-sized video game might require something like a Raspberry Pi.

Arduino Joystick Module by Elegoo

Nano I / O Shield by DF Robot


Printer prices have dropped and now 3D printing is more accessible to the average person. This is why I now have one. It is exciting to consider what can be printed!

I currently own an Ender 3 Pro This was my first 3D printer.

I will be sharing some basic items to get started in 3D printing. The most common things that are printed with a new printer are upgrades to the printer itself.

Websites like Thingiverse or YouTube are a great place to obtain 3D printing ideas and open source 3D printing files

When you begin printing the files you find on these websites you quickly begin to realize that the possibilities for what you can 3D print are almost endless!


Learn with me as I learn!