Google Gemma 2B on LM Studio Inference Server: Real Testing

In my candid review of Google's Gemma 2B, I run the model on LM Studio's Local Inference Server. In my sincere evaluation, I base my assessment on tasks that align with my typical usage of Language Model Systems (LLMs). Without relying on benchmarks or scores, I go through some personal use cases to determine the practical utility of this model. Join me as I provide insights into my exploration, offering genuine perspectives on the effectiveness of Google Gemma.

Openai's Sora. Time to Learn AI Video Production?

We have seen AI video generation building quickly. With the release of the sample videos created with Sora, it appears that it is now official. Video Production has changed forever. For a good while, there will still be a need for videography, drone photography and videography, non-linear editing, motion graphics and 3d animation, but it appears that a new way of gathering assets and assembling them is rising fast. But, it seems those days are numbered.

This video was co-written with GPT-4 and voiced over using voice conversation in GPT-4

Embracing Artificial Intelligence...Carefully

For the past year, I've wrestled with the decision of whether or not to embrace artificial intelligence (AI). It's been a journey of deliberation and discovery, filled with uncertainties and contemplation. But now, after diving deep into learning about AI, I've come to a realization, and this video reflects my newfound position.

Google Gemini Ultra Review: Usefulness Over Benchmarks

Here is my honest review of Google's Gemini Ultra. As a long-standing Google enthusiast, my journey has been filled with highs and lows, from the excitement of new releases to my final conclusion about what I have seen so far. In this video, I share my firsthand experiences with Google's AI advancements, including the transition from Gemini Pro to the unveiling of Gemini Ultra, and my ventures into Google AI Studio and Vertex AI...

LM Studio-Local Inference Server-NLP Upgrade Using Free Google Text to Speech API-Part 3 

In this video, I'm upgrading and exploring the implementation of the Google Voice API to infuse my LLMs with a more natural and expressive voice, for better natural language processing. All code and instructions are in the GitHub repo linked below.

LM Studio-Local Inference Server-Voice Conversation-with Text Input Option-Part 2

Join me with LM Studio as I delve deeper into deploying an open source LLM on a local inference server. In this tutorial, I showcase my progress in developing an AI assistant implementing voice conversation and optional text typing GUI.

LM Studio Local Inference Server-Part 1

Tutorial on how to use LM Studio without the Chat UI using a local server. Deploy an open source LLM on LM Studio on your pc or mac without an internet connection. The files in this video include the function to initiate a conversation with the local-model and establishes roles and where the instructions come from. The setup allows the script to dynamically read the system message from text file, making it easy to update the system message, system prompt or pre-prompt (known in Chat GPT as custom instructions) without changing the script's code.

IR Remote Controlled Car Using a Protoshield

Part 1 | How to use an Arduino Proto Shield and Elegoo Prototyping Shield

How do you use an Arduino Proto Shield? What can you do with an Arduino prototyping shield? Why would you use a premade prototyping shield or prototype board?


Part 2 | IR Remote Controlled Car

I came up with 4 projects that use an Arduino Uno protoshield. The main project in this video was something I started that was worth moving from a breadboard and onto a protoshield; an IR Remote Controlled Car.


Episode 1 | How I got hooked on Arduino

A co-worker told me about Arduino, SBCs and the Maker Revolution/Movement. I researched it all and I was fascinated by what was discovered.


Episode 2 | How to Make a YouTube video

There are many approaches to how to shoot and produce a video. In the end you can only work with what you have. If you try to do everything perfectly and wait until you can afford to buy the best gear and get the best training you will not make videos for quite a while.

New Series

Lego Pixilation

Arduinos and Legos are cool. How about an Arduino Lego Pixilation Tutorial? Hopefully this will be a fun way for kids to learn Arduino and I think adults might like it also. This is the first Arduino tutorial for beginners using Lego pixilation on the Videotronicmaker Channel. Lego Arduino tutorials using Legos to perform the tutorial.